<meta property="og:title" content="VR Pigeons" /> <meta property="og:image" content="http://pivetta.github.io/images/icon.png" /> <meta property="og:description" content="Behave like a pigeon and beat your friends in a fight to the last bread crumb." />
F.A.Q. Q: The game is really slow and lags a lot what shall I do? A: Try to stop all background applications, keep in mind that the game was developed for Samsung S5 or better models. Q: I got headache from playing, what shall I do? A: get some rest and don't play again that much Q: I would like to give you a lot of money, how do I reach you? A: Thank you, use the form below. Q: What is the gain at hitting other players? A: Nothing, it's just timing and spacing. Q: Why is my head not rotating? A: Your phone is not capable of running cardboard applications, that is because the gyroscope of your phone is outdated. Q: How do I play with my friends? I keep pressing join but nothing happens! A: In order to play with your friends you need to be in the same network. You can use the connect menu directly in the game to start an hotspot (a Wi-Fi open to others on your phone) and let the others connect to you. Be aware, stop your data connection first. If you can't manage in this way you can just connect under the same wifi router, or try to start an hotspot connection from the phone settings application. Q: Why can't I press the menu buttons? A: In order to hit the buttons you have to aim at them with the white cursor in the middle of your screen and shake your head in that direction, If you can't archive any result try by holding the phone in your hands instead, when you understood once the concept you should always get it. Q: A black pigeon appeared, but my friend can't connect, what is happening? A: You summoned the spirit of the buggy pigeon, stop your current game and let someone else host, if it still wont budge restart the application
ASK ME DIRECTLY vrpigeons@gmail.com

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