<meta property="og:title" content="VR Pigeons" /> <meta property="og:image" content="http://pivetta.github.io/images/icon.png" /> <meta property="og:description" content="Behave like a pigeon and beat your friends in a fight to the last bread crumb." />
 I am Maestro Pivetta, the maker of VR Pigeons. I am a tall bearded guy running around with roller skates. I am Italian but I live in Germany where I study at the Filmakademie BW to become a Transmedia Game Director, funny name, but it just means I'm looking forward to learn interaction design and get over the actual meaning of media formats. As a developer I am doing: game design, interfaces, concept art, 3D graphics, texturing, shading, rigging and animation, coding, music, sound and a little of management. So pretty everything needed to make a game on your own. This game was a long journey lasted 9 months with a lot of ups and downs. Making VR Pigeons was a challenge because of the many technologies involved,. Mixing up virtual reality with local multiplayer on portable devices was not a good idea, but my poor coding skills as I began didn't foresee how difficult it can be doing something that silly. I can't predict the future so I can't tell you what I am going to do. I will see what comes by in the near future.
 Toufik is the producer of the game, he handled all the bureaucratic issues related to the school rights system and took care that I would always have the tools I need for the development. He also poked me the whole time to keep me thigh as possible to deadlines. He is new to the videogame industry, and actually is studying to become an animation producer, he took a ride in the crazy world of software making.
 Julian is a crazy good programmer, he defines his self as a problem solver and in fact he's really good one. He worked to get the connection system done which was out of the range of my knowledge. His work was a key to get further on in the production. On it he sat side by side with me endless nights helping me to debug the network system and to get an understanding of what I was doing. He has been the best active rubber duck!
 Christian teach me coding, he drove me to good IDE softwares and I could trough his simple but effective explanations understand how to archive stuff I was not believing I could do on my own. He helped me out of the pit trying out on his own a network system just in order to guide me how to build mine. He did a great work helping and explaining me C# and making me into a programmer. And he's the owner of the couch in the office where I slept more than a few times.
 I have to thank everybody who also tried to get into the production but because of my inexpertness or strange workflow couldn't hook to the production, they are Alexander Frey who modeled the street-lamp you can see in the game, and Moriz Laux who wanted to make the music, but I wanted too so It didn't really work. Other people who I am thankful too are the members of my band Picobello Verknüpfung for supporting me since two years and for being really patient about my stress breakdowns. Thanks mom and dad for making all this possible and for being my first supporters. And finally I have to thanks my flatmate Lea, who left so often something to eat for me when I came home really late.

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